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Feel My World Come To Life

Xirig: A man with dark hair stares silently at you before walking off. Perhaps he is rude, as he has not acknowledged your presence more than that. Or perhaps he is just shy.

Joshua: A blond man smiles at you. "Pleasant enough evening, wouldn't you think?"

Paris: What is this man? Why is he wearing a skirt... Are those Tifa's clothes?! Oh, he sees you looking at him and bows his head slightly, averting his eyes. "It's nice to meet you."

This is a multi-OC blog.

The characters are: Xirig, Joshua, and Paris. Please read the Characters Page to know more. The main OC (if not specified) will be whoever the mun feels like responding with at the time.

Feel free to talk to the mun. Will roleplay with OC/FC/AU blogs. Joshua and Paris can be converted easily to KH as that has already been done years ago. These are all characters that have been around for over a year. (If this is otherwise, will be stated.) The images in the header will likely change and are made rather quickly. My apologies.

Mar 20 '13

"Greetings" "And Salutations."

(( Thank you everyone for following me, or following me back. Either way, I hope that I do not disappoint. I’m not entirely sure on the proper ways of greeting followers on a multi-OC blog, but feel free to talk to me, and we can either randomly start an rp, or plan one. Or we can just talk to talk~ I promise I don’t bite~ ))

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